PPC or Paid Search

Every day, millions of people ask Search Engines questions, these questions are sometimes very short, often one word, ‘PPC‘ or ‘Pay Per Click’ or they can be much longer such as ‘What is PPC and how does it work?’

Essentially, PPC is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

With billions of web pages out there all competing to get on to the first page of Google, we can turn to PPC to boost your visibility and increase your traffic by targeting specific keywords and key terms that are important to your business on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Alternatively called Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the process by which we create Advertisement Campaigns, Ads and build a bidding strategy aimed at showing your Ads on page one for your selected keywords.

Depending on your business goals, the emplacement and bidding strategy of the ads and campaigns will change. Whether customers want to purchase a product, request a service or sign up for information, your goals are different, and your customers want to see different information.

By working together we build a strategy using Google Ads - Google Shopping & Google Search and Bing Ads - Bing & Yahoo! Shopping & Bing & Yahoo Search to maximise conversions for you and your business

Paid Search Strategy

Goals - what’s important for your business? Clicks? App downloads? Sign-ups? Conversions?

A well thought out and tailed PPC Search Strategy is a thing of beauty. By working together with your Digital Marketing Agency, you create the perfect approach that reflects your business. At SimSof Digital we consider that our clients’ needs and objectives are at the heart of the campaign planning. We start with a kick off, progressing to workshops through to objective defining sessions. We plan, implement and optimise your Paid Search Campaigns.

We’re convinced that Paid Search is for everyone. Take a look at the 5 questions below before your next marketing meeting:

5 things to thing about when preparing your Paid Search STRATEGY:

  1. What do customers want & when do they need it?

  2. How can I respond to their needs? What can I offer to my customers?

  3. Where are my customers looking?

  4. How are they making their search?

  5. Show your potential customers that your product is perfect for them!

Bing Ads newly Microsoft Ads

Relaunched in 2012 under the name Bing Ads, it was the last of the big 3 Search providers to start its own PPC tool (behind Google & Yahoo!), today it is gaining momentum in the UK, and now represents just over 10% of searches in 2018. The technology behind the Bing Search engine, the star search product from Microsoft, now powers not only Bing but the search engines of MSN & Yahoo! - opening up the possibilities of exposure tenfold.

Bing Search is the native search option on Apple devices!

Top Tips & tricks for ads on Bing

  1. Launch Bing Ads simply & effectively by importing existing ads from Google Ads

  2. Increase CTR by using Bing Product Ads (similar to Google Shopping)

  3. Create Local Campaigns

  4. Activate Siri search options for Apple devices

  5. Create image ad extensions