Why is Google My Business important?

Roll up, roll up, we’re open for business

You’ve been working up to this day, the big launch, months, or maybe even years in the planning and now it’s finally here, ‘D day’ - the first day of business. But nothing happens, you think…. 10am - no one, but that’s normal, people are working, but by lunchtime you begin to worry, with nothing but the sound of people running past your door without even noticing that you’re there, let alone open.

How to get footfall and promote a new business?

The big launch party with cake and balloons aside, there is lots of marketing that can be done to drive awareness of your business, its products and its location. But there is one tool in your arsenal that is 100% free and is a fail safe way to get people through your doors - Google My Business

Google my Business Introduction

What is Google my Business?

Google My Business launched back in 2012 as Google + Local. It gave businesses the opportunity to manage their business’ online profile while sharing key information about their products and services with potential customers. In 2014 the concept was deemed successful and was relaunched as “Google My Business” with integrations to the Google marketing suite making it the one stop shop for managing a small business’ online presence across Google search and Google maps.

Why create a Google business profile?

It’s no secret that in the UK 94% of searches are being made on a daily basis via Google, gone are the days of directory enquiries & the yellow pages. As of 2019 Google became “mobile first” reflecting the changes it’s seen in search patterns. People are making searches while on the move, finding out where something is and making a stop off on the way home. By not being referenced, you’re missing out on the next potential customer. Read our article on Voice Search here - the next thing to think about..

Google my Business Homepage and sign up

How do I get my business on Google Maps?

Follow the simple steps below to create your Google my Business profile:

  1. Go to the Google My Business site.

  2. Click on “Manage now”.

  3. Either create a Google email address or fill in the fields with an existing one.

  4. Add the name your business.

  5. Add business location and area served.

  6. Business category - what sector are you in?

  7. Contact information; add the business phone number and email address.

  8. Confirmation - receive an automated phone call or request a letter to be sent to you.

  9. Click finish and you’re there.

Google my business optimisation

Now the profile is live you need to make sure that it reflects you, the business and your expertise the best it can. You are providing customers a window into your business so show them what you can do. Here are elements that need to be covered off to get your profile to really pop:

  • Up to date information and posts on the new feed

  • Professional photography of the location, products & services

  • List your products & services

  • Opening times, days and most importantly tell clients when you’ll be closed

  • Reviews - the more there are, the more clients that come knocking

  • Download the app and interact directly with customers

Need some help, advice or a fresh pair of eyes on things?

At SimSof we want your business to thrive and we want to help liberate your time so that you can concentrate on what you should be doing - selling yourself, your services or your products. Get in touch today and get the ball rolling with us