Voice Search in 2019

The changing face of SEO & the growth of AEO in 2019

This is the Voice ✌️

In 2020 50% of Internet Searches will be done via Voice Activation!

According to ComScore by 2020, (next year), 50% of internet searches will be done through Voice Activation, a statistic that until recently had been unthought-of. They go on to elaborate that 30% of searches in 2020 will be done without the need of a screen, highlighting that Voice Search is becoming a part of our day to day lives.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri , who’s going to come up on top?

It would seem that the fight for Voice Search dominance came to head over the Christmas season in 2018 with the 3 major internet heavy weights, Google, Amazon & Apple trying to entice consumers with entry price products & introductory offers. Amazon’s Alexa Smart Speaker was the top selling product on Amazon.com during the holiday period, however , Apple’s Siri still reigns strong for the British public.

In their 2019 announcement Apple presented their new Homepod speaker aimed at bringing Siri into the home and obviously to fight head to head with the competition.

Google Home smart speaker

Google Home smart speaker

Amazon Alexa smart speaker

Amazon Alexa smart speaker

Apple Homepod smart speaker

Apple Homepod smart speaker

What effect will Voice Search have on SEO?

Why is Voice Search so important, what will it mean for me? Fundamentally with Voice Search or Voice Activated Search the way we look for information changes and therefore the mechanics of these actions changes and adapts. Gone are the days where we can type 3 or 4 keywords into Google and get the info we want straight away.

Let’s take shoe shopping, historically a search would be along the lines of 'shoes, black, size 10', however with Voice Search, the tendency is to formulate this demand as a question so that would become 'where can I find black shoes in a size 10 near me, please'.

As the graph shows, Voice Searches become elongated and far more long tailed with specificity with a sense of urgency.

Voice Searches are orientated around local

Interestingly it is found that Voice Activation is focused around local questions when out and about. The following are some commonly asked questions:

  1. When does X shop open?

  2. What time is X shop open until

  3. Where is the closest cash machine,

  4. Where can I find milk?

Popular Voice Search Content includes Recipes, News & Podcasts

We’re creatures of habit, we know what we like and we tend to stick with it, but with the passing of time our habits evolve and we find time for the next technologies. The 3 most popular uses of Voice Search to date are for recipes, the news & podcasts/music

  1. Recipes - Google home, Siri or Alexa are perfect when you’re hands are covered in flour and you can’t remember how much milk to add. Without stopping what you’re doing you can get the answer quickly and simply by just asking the question ‘How long do I cook I chicken for?’

  2. The news - We have a constant desire to be up to date with what is happening and going on in the world (we’re in the UK). What's the latest information, how can I get the download quickly? The peak in demand here is the morning either while eating breakfast or while on the road on the way to work.

  3. Podcasts & Music - a growing trend, people again feel the need to be in touch with the latest and greatest information & music. Why listen to the generic radio when you can get the latest new & opinions on your favourite subjects or the latest release from your favourite band.

How to Prepare for Voice Activated Search & Answer Engine Optimisation

The details of AEO are still relatively uncharted territory for the moment, and Google tends to be cagey about sharing info about their latest algorithm updates, BUT there are things you can do to keep ahead of the game.

  1. Vigilance - watch trends, what's coming up, what's new & who's using it?

  2. Try it out - do be afraid to fail - give it a go, make small changes to measure their effect

  3. Content quality - does your content provide an answer to the right questions, does it hold worth to a client?

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